GraphicResumes-1-300x193 Graphic Resumes-The Wave of the Future

Graphic Design Resumes-the Wave of the Future

Still using Plain Old Black-and-White resumes for your job search? Believing that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) just can’t handle the new, state-of-the art design elements?

Think again!

8 Reasons you should Switch from Simple Black and White to Graphic Design Resumes

  1. Recruiters increasingly want to see them. Gen Z recruiters, taking over for Baby Boomers and used to seeing graphics, icons, and photos as we move deeper into the digital age, are increasingly likely to ONLY want to see stylishly created resumes as opposed to their boring black and white counterparts. In a recent study conducted with over 100 recruiters, Gen Z folks said they NEVER wanted to view black and white resumes, only ones with color and style. Imagine the possibilities!
  2. They’re attention grabbers. Because they are visually appealing, graphic resumes will catch the eye of the hiring manager. At the same time, design elements draw attention to important data you want the hiring manager to see, such as sales numbers, cost savings, awards and so on.
  3. They’re Fine with ATS: Oh I hear it: But they’ll interfere with ATS. No, they won’t. With just a few simple formatting tricks the graphic elements will be invisible to the ATS, leaving the important text parsed by the ATS and the design elements seen only by human eyes-a WIN-WIN!
  4. Recruiters usually see the original resume: In the recruiter study mentioned above, virtually all recruiters said they see the original resume. This challenges the common belief that recruiters are going to see only the ATS-parsed version of the resume and bodes well for the presentation of graphically enhanced resumes.
  5. Recruiters are less likely to print resumes nowadays: This is important because one of the reasons for not creating graphic design resumes was that they would eat up lots of printer ink. Since modern recruiters are more likely to view resumes on a screen than to print them, graphic design resumes get a boost!
  6. Fights ageism: if you’re worried about age discrimination, presenting a stodgy 1980’s-style resume won’t help. But presenting a nice, graphically enhanced resume will! You’ll position yourself as savvy, cool, innovative and keeping up with the times.
  7. They Show You’re Tech Savvy: Like #6, you’ll position yourself as “tech savvy” and innovative, not small enhancements for a job candidate to have. Recruiters love to see that a candidate is on the cutting edge of technology, willing to try new things, and eager to go the “extra mile” to present themselves in the best possible light.
  8. Present important data quicker: In keeping with the all-important 5-10 second rule-hiring managers are going to be skimming a sea of resumes to see something that jumps out at them. Make an impression with an attractive chart or graph highlighting important metrics.