CMRW-e1569653564724 QR Codes: The Cool Way to get a Hiring Manager's Attention

An excellent addition to Technology, Sales, Marketing, Executive, and, well, really ANY type of resume, QR codes are all the rage. An exception might be for more conservative professions such as legal, financial, medical, and so on.

Some of my Senior Tech Executive clients who review resumes themselves have said that when they see a resume with a QR code on it, they are immediately drawn to that resume and candidate and want to know more!

When searching for a job, you want all tools at your disposal and nothing left to chance. If you can easily stand out with something as simple as a QR code, why not go for it?

I strategically place QR codes on resumes and add the content. There are several benefits to having a QR code:

  1. A QR code gives the hiring manager a chance to simply scan your resume with their phone to look you up on LinkedIn, to call you, to text you, to email you, etc. It saves them time and provides you with your own little “web portal.” This is why it’s extra cool.
  2. It positions you as extra “tech-savvy,” not a small enhancement for a tech professional to have.
  3. QR codes look attractive and eye-catching on a resume-I usually include the code itself and a link to the code so that the content can be accessed without a phone as well as from Electronic resumes and cover letters.

Note some examples of resume QR codes in action. See how they spice up the page?

For an example of a website that contains a QR code generator, go to

As a bonus, just click the QR code on top and see this great tool in action!

Include a QR code on YOUR resume, and wait for the calls to come in!